A multi-faceted personality- Navin prithvi vijayakumar

A multi-faceted personality– Navin prithvi vijayakumar

This is an assignment which is part of an internship program by digital Deepak on what I want to achieve in the next 5 years. It will be communicated as a journalist’s report.

Navin Prithvi Vijayakumar who is currently 35 has been successfully running a game production, photography and digital marketing company for the past 8 years with commendable success.

 His company is focused on creating informative, educative and entertaining kids’ games for the mobile market and fun and addictive VR games for the pc market. The Digital marketing division concentrates on promoting his content for maximum reach worldwide.

 For the gaming division 50 professionals work full time, 10 people are employed by the digital marketing division.

A multi-faceted personality

Navin plans to make his company go public in the next few years to fuel his expansion plans.

Navin has already become a successful stock market investor and trader over the past few years.

Photography, especially wild life and furniture, has always been a passion and Navin’s portfolio of photographs is truly vast and memorable.   

Another feather in his cap has been the success of his first novel. He has already started writing a sequel. Today he is in the process of speaking to big production houses in gaming and film for the rights of his book.

Navin has set up many electric charging stations for cars and bikes in Bangalore, doing his bit to make Bangalore greener and environmentally friendly. This also is a revenue generator with more and more vehicles becoming electricity driven.   

Since navin is into gaming, photography and digital marketing he has been approached by many gaming and camera companies to blog on his website, Instagram and YouTube channel. He has over 100 blogs to his credit covering subjects as diverse as travel, gaming, cuisine, digital marketing and the stock market. These blogs are available via his website and YouTube channel.