Book Review of The Abyss of Power

Book Review of The Abyss of Power

Title: The Abyss of Power
Author: Zuko
Publication: 2018
Pages: 165
Price: ₹ 199

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“Excessive Thirst for Absolute Power can ONLY lead to annihilation” is proved time and again through Duryodhana or Hitler or several power-hungry people around the world. Pleased to read an emphatic attempt by Zuko to prove this historical truth in his contemporary thriller.

Some humans never learn from other’s mistakes, ending up either manipulating or being manipulated. Villains & Victims will continue to be born and discussed posthumously. Fortunately, they are only a small % of the population. Others who can learn & feel how WE are manipulated could get wiser by reading The Abyss of Power.
The way Sophia the “Gen Y Tyrant” is using OOPMESH and TV STAR is an apt reflection of the world we are living today. Messages / visuals shared in social media groups from “friends and others” or the news & debates shown in 24/7 channels are replicas of several incidents narrated in this fiction. Kudos to Zuko’s book one may get a 3rd eye perception/ view on these.

Only critical comment. Probably there are too many characters for a thriller of this size. Could not keep track of their roles & responsibilities in the story. Felt like being in Howrah station of early 80’s, when management focus was only on employment generation. They used to have 5 people posted for doing a one-person job.
In summary, engrossing book. Well written and delivered. Highly recommended. I could read all the 165 pages in one go past midnight, despite gentle nudging with multiple reminders on “time to sleep”. That says something ???’

I had the opportunity to read The Abyss of Power, the second book of Zuko. I had read his first book Figmented Reality and it captured my mind. It made me want to read his second book.