Digital Marketing simplified 

Digital Marketing simplified

Digital Marketing simplified 

What is digital marketing?

Any form of marketing done on the internet is considered as digital marketing.

Digital Marketing simplified

Why digital marketing?

In digital marketing, you can target a niche group who are your specific audience for a product or service resulting in less wastage of resources. Thus a well planned digital marketing campaign can reach a large audience at a lower cost than traditional marketing methods.

A particular area can also be targeted in digital marketing, this is especially beneficial to restaurants and small business.

Also in digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, you can interact with your targeted audience in real time.

In digital marketing call to action is immediate like in online shopping.

Be found by consumers who are looking for your product or service.

unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing can be measured as you can see the number of visitors to your site, what is the conversion rate and what is the best time to do business.

Digital marketing can help your brand grow by promoting it in many popular platforms.

Nowadays digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing.

Does it mean traditional marketing is over?

My answer would be “no”. No matter how big you are in the digital space, giants like Amazon or Google still need to market their product traditionally to reach customers.

Social media marketing:

When it comes to digital marketing, the area which is continuously growing is social media. There are many social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat and many more to market a product. There are millions of users in these platform making it easy and economical to sell products or services.

These sites have their own marketing tools. They may look easy to manage but actually, they are quite complicated due to the different channels available.

My favorite way to market a campaign is through Twitter. It is less complicated and less congested than  Facebook marketing.


Nowadays everyone loves to shops online and it is called E-commerce. It has one of the biggest shares of digital marketing with players like Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba, etc.

I personally feel any business should have a basic E-commerce presence.

To set up an E-commerce website requires a lot of time, money and people to run it. It is more complicated than running a single person’s blogging website.

 Blogging-content marketing-:

Nowadays there are many people giving vent to their feelings and views on everything under the sun via written blogs or videos. It has become a lucrative profession for people and many have made it their full-time career.

There are many ways a person can earn from blogging or video-blogging. They can sign up with many affiliate marketing companies and earn monthly or they can approach a company or be approached by a company to write about their product and get paid.

If you have a huge fan base in social media marketing, you can get enough traffic from it.

No one can predict whether a content can become viral. It entirely depends on how good or bad the content it is. Take dhinchak Pooja, no one expected her horrible song videos to go viral but because it was so bad it has got millions of views.

Affiliate marketing:

Content and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. There are websites which give out affiliate links like amazon, google AdSense, iOS and many more. The only thing a person should have is a website or a website blog with traffic flowing in. The affiliate programs give you links, put them up in the website. The affiliate programs give different rates for different ads.

Some of the affiliate programs minimum withdrawal amount is 100 us dollar equivalent for each month or it can be carried over to the next month and so forth.

I studied with an author friend in high school, I market his book via Amazon affiliate program.

Seo- Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization plays an important role in website creation. Without this, a website doesn’t appear on the first page of any search engines like google, yahoo and Bing. There are certain factors which need to be followed to make your website rank go up. Even if you follow every step your page doesn’t rank up immediately.

It depends upon the domain age, how constantly you update your website and the number of back links your website has.

Each blog should have at least one photograph and 300 words written to improve the seo score.



Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world and it has a huge network and has its own network to market the ads.

They are different types of ads and they appear either in google networks and whoever has signed up with google AdSense.

They charge the customers depending on what they are looking for from a set of pre-defined marketing tools.

It is one of the most difficult platforms in digital marketing.

You can make people to come visit your shop by putting your location in google maps and attaching it to the ad and reach the correct audience.

Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is where a person influences others with his/her personal opinion of a product that they use or places they visit or places they eat or endorse via video blogs or written blogs or a photograph in social media websites. Companies have started to use more of influencers nowadays. Influencer marketers charge a fee for their services. It may cost less or more than running a campaign in digital marketing or traditional marketing depending on the influencer’s status. A big Bollywood star charged around 600,000 Indian rupees for a single tweet for a car brand.