Few tricks/hacks for Social media:

Few tricks/hacks for Social media

First thing first, organic reach is dying on all the platforms of digital marketing.

From 2017, it has becoming more and more difficult for organic reach.

If you have enough money then only it will reach your followers and a larger audience.

I will give you an example, suppose you are posting your new blog on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and on Instagram.

Few tricks/hacks for Social media

They will first show it to about 30 followers. If those people interact on your post then only the platforms will show it to other followers. You should some how make your followers to comment, then only others will see.

For Instagram, you can add about 30 hashtags per post. But here is the catch, Facebook and Instagram prefer lesser words to images. There are two ways for how this 30 hashtags thing works.

First, if you don’t use all the 30 hashtags it won’t reach many people and if you use many hashtags on the post, Instagram won’t show it to many people. So carefully choose the number of hashtags on your posts and choose the correct hashtags.

Few tricks to get free visitors to your website from social media:

  1. You can add a call to action button on your Instagram stories but the catch is that only when you have 10,000 followers for your Instagram profile you can get this. Example: You either take a new photo or choose an old photo, then you write a caption, swipe up on the photo and add the link of a product you are selling or a YouTube video or a new blog on to your website. 
  2. Go to your YouTube studio, go to the video that has been promoted by you and click edit. You can see call to action overlay there, now you can add your links to your website or any blog or any product and click save. When you play your video on YouTube it will appear on the bottom left hand corner throughout that video.  Make sure you have clicked for mobile too. Do this when you promote your own YouTube video in AdWords/ google ads after it has gotten approved and visitors have come, do this one or two day after the promotion is over.