How does Search engine optimization work for your website?

How does Search engine optimization work for your website?

What does SEO mean?

You probably already know that it means search engine optimization, but to break it down even further, it is the process of enhancing your online content to the extent that search engines show it as a top result for searches of a relevant keyword.

All major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have listings based on what the search engine considers the most significant to searchers and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users; these visitors can then be converted into customers. Seo targets image, video, news, academic, industry-specific searches.

There are many factors that influence a search engine to optimize your website. They can be divided into off page SEO and on page SEO.

These are the broad guidelines for on-page SEO:

The webpage should have a minimum of 300 written words.

The webpage should carry one image at least.

The image should have alt tags and the alt tags should be the same keyword for that particular page. The alt tag is a word or phrase that can be inserted as an attribute in an HTML document to tell Web site viewers the nature or contents of an image.

The keyword should be in the title of the page. Keywords the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines. You have to bring down all the images, video, copy to simple words and phrases to create your primary keywords.

The keyword density shouldn’t be more than 2.5% of the total number of words in the blog. This means the keywords should not appear more than 2.5 times for every 100 words.

I have heard different views about keywords from many sources, some say use one keyword per page, and some say 4 to 5 keywords per page. Since I am using a free version of Yoast plugin I can use only one keyword. It is better to use only one keyword. If you stuff too many keywords, your website may get banned from the search consoles.

Your Meta description of every page should contain the keyword for that page.

Always interlink your pages including the photo or the image that you use in the webpage.

Always have an external link in the page. Let it be your social media account or to another website.

Mobile-friendly pages and proper URL structures also play an important role in enhancing SEO.

I am using a WordPress + domain website so my suggestion is for you to take a plugin called Yoast SEO to check your SEO worthiness.

There are many SEO checker websites which check your website’s score. Usually, any website which has a score of more than 75+ is considered good.

Interested to know about off page optimization and page rank? Wait for my other blog appearing shortly.

No matter whichever digital platform you choose, the organic reach is dying. If you have started to develop a website or a website blog after mid-2017, you cannot depend on organic reach alone. You have to pump in money to make any impact.

What is a back link?

Back link is a link building process by an incoming link from one website/ web page to another website. The more number of back links for a website, especially quality ones, the more weight age for it (in terms of seo).
There are two types of back links, one is ‘do follow’ and another is ‘no follow’.

How does  Search engine optimization work for your website?

Do follow: 

Do follow links allow search engines to follow them and reach a website. It increases the page rank of a website.
No follow: 

Naturally all the links are do follow links, unless a website modifies it to no follow link. It does not result in increasing the page rank. It is only good for traffic.

Say suppose my website’s page rank is zero and I give out a back link which is a no follow, naturally the link has no value to a website. Even if the link is a do follow your page rank is zero.
Even if a website has Page Rank 5 or 8 or 9 or 10 and they give out a no follow it is no use it is only good for traffic.
Try to get as many back links from do follow website and a do follow link which will increase your page rank and increase the traffic to your website.

Where to get these back links?

1) Local search engines for example in India ‘Just dial’, abroad ‘Yellow pages’ are the best ones.
2) Google local business page is definitely a must.
3) Do guest blogging on other websites which are genuine. I don’t recommend doing it mainly because I have seen many people asking to do a guest blog on their website. They say many people have guest blog on their website and in return they want a link from my website. When I check out their website I find all their blogs are written by them. Please find a genuine website to guest blog.
4) Always look out for websites where you can comment on a blog post. Always keep checking out for that comment, because the admin can delete that comment.
5) Try to get links from websites which have the same genre as your website. It increases your website rank. Do not concentrate on a particular genre. Try to write about different genres.

In social media, Facebook create a page for your website and places your links, you can put your link of your website in your twitter profile. Pinterest is also a good place to post your links. These are no follow links.
Create a YouTube channel, post your links there, it is also a no follow link. If your channel grows naturally your website traffic grows as well.

There are many social book-marking websites like Redditt, Quora, StumbleUpon and many more. Post your website links on these websites. Build your profiles here to increase your website traffic.
Since I am a game designer I have designed and published my own games. My game page or developer pages in google play and apple store has links to my website. It brinks in traffic to my website. More the number of games and good quality games I create, I can expect free larger traffic to my website.

I have profiles in Udemy and steam (the gaming platform) where my profiles has my website link.

It does not matter if you have more of no follow backlink, a backlink is a backlink to your website. The above links which I talked to you about are easy to get no-follow backlinks, they are easier to get than a do follow link.
Search engine optimization off line is mainly about the number of back links your website has.

Page authority and domain authority:

The Higher the page authority and domain authority, they will make your website come first on any search engine. This is a slow process, I have written more than 20+ blogs over a period of 1 year but my domain authority is 11 out of 100 and page authority is 10 out of 100 which is low. I am expecting it to reach 25 (both) only after 3 + years with over 100 + blogs.

What is domain authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. The score is calculated from 1 to 100.

What is page authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages. The score is calculated from 1 to 100.

One more thing I wanted to talk about in on-page seo, don’t just write for 300 words to pass the seo green mark and write more than that and try putting a YouTube video there to get people to spend more time on your website. Try to write one blog at least daily or one or two blogs weekly. The more time people spend on your website and the more number of page views, it increases your page authority, page rank and domain authority.

To be honest if you are relying on seo alone, it will take at least 3+ years to achieve anything. The process of getting back links is quite difficult I would suggest you to concentrate on your on page seo, spend money in AdWords, build your social media profiles and spend money there as well in promoting your website.

How important is Page speed for a website?

Page speed is one of the most important factors for a website. Especially for Google in terms of seo.

According to google people tend to close or go to some other website if the page speed of a website crosses 3 seconds.

How does  Search engine optimization work for your website?

Things to do to reduce your site speed of your website:

Do not have many plugins on your website this makes it heavy.

Choose the right hosting or get yourself a self-hosted server.

In order to make your website faster or better, check out these websites like google page speed tools, gt Metrix and pingdom tools.

After I checked with these websites, I checked out on the web which tools would make my website speed faster.

Two plugins- wp rocket and page speed pro were the most preferred. They made my website speed from 6 to 20 seconds to about 0.8 seconds on desktop and about 1.5 sec on mobile. Both were paid plugins.

I did remove my AdSense ads from my website it was making it load slower with the help of wp rocket and page speed pro for mobile devices. Keep very less ads on your website. More the number of ads on your website the slower it will become.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Say suppose your website is hosted in USA and site speed of your website is 1 second in USA and the same site speed is 5 sec in Australia or 3 sec in Russia.

What CDN does is, it mirrors your hosting servers and it hosts it on their own servers the world over. CDN servers are hosted in almost all the countries in the world.

It is 3x to 5x cost of your cloud or shared hosting plan.

If your website has huge traffic and is generating huge amount of money, I would suggest you to get a CDN network.

As of now I am not taking it maybe in the near future if one of my games becomes a great success, I would take it.

Cons of getting a shared hosting server:

Any new digital marketer or any new person who is getting into digital marketing usually gets a shared hosting plan as it is very cheap and it is hosted by the service providers and it is fully managed by them.

These people aren’t really looking into the cons of it.

Suppose you are getting a shared hosting from Godaddy or Hostgator or Blue host or Site Ground or any other platform and get a very powerful back link from a website like Wikipedia or or (I am just giving these websites as an example) they will have millions of visitors to their website daily. And suppose 10% of these million visitors see and click and get into your website, when they come into your website your website is going to become very slow and eventually it is going to crash. So before choosing any plan with any hosting provider please spend some money and get a virtual private server or a cloud hosting.

I am using a business hosting by go daddy which has 2 core and 4gb of ram plan. It is equal to the 2nd option of any cloud hosting offered by any other hosting. Though the plan says it can handle high traffic of word press website, it will eventually crash if I get a huge amount of traffic on my website. When one of my games becomes popular, my only option then will be to have a 4core and a minimum 8gb ram to stay in the running.

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