How important is Page speed, CDN & Shared hosting for your website

page speed

How important is Page speed for a website?

Page speed is one of the most important factors for a website. Especially for Google in terms of seo.

page speed

According to google people tend to close or go to some other website if the page speed of a website crosses 3 seconds.

Things to do to reduce your site speed of your website:

Do not have many plugins on your website this makes it heavy.

Choose the right hosting or get yourself a self-hosted server.

In order to make your website faster or better, check out these websites like google page speed tools, gt Metrix and pingdom tools.

After I checked with these websites, I checked out on the web which tools would make my website speed faster.

Two plugins- wp rocket and page speed pro were the most preferred. They made my website speed from 6 to 20 seconds to about 0.8 seconds on desktop and about 1.5 sec on mobile. Both were paid plugins.

I did remove my AdSense ads from my website it was making it load slower with the help of wp rocket and page speed pro for mobile devices. Keep very less ads on your website. More the number of ads on your website the slower it will become.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Say suppose your website is hosted in USA and site speed of your website is 1 second in USA and the same site speed is 5 sec in Australia or 3 sec in Russia.

What CDN does is, it mirrors your hosting servers and it hosts it on their own servers the world over. CDN servers are hosted in almost all the countries in the world.

It is 3x to 5x cost of your cloud or shared hosting plan.

If your website has huge traffic and is generating huge amount of money, I would suggest you to get a CDN network.

As of now I am not taking it maybe in the near future if one of my games becomes a great success, I would take it.

Cons of getting a shared hosting server:

Any new digital marketer or any new person who is getting into digital marketing usually gets a shared hosting plan as it is very cheap and it is hosted by the service providers and it is fully managed by them.

These people aren’t really looking into the cons of it.

Suppose you are getting a shared hosting from Godaddy or Hostgator or Blue host or Site Ground or any other platform and get a very powerful back link from a website like Wikipedia or or (I am just giving these websites as an example) they will have millions of visitors to their website daily. And suppose 10% of these million visitors see and click and get into your website, when they come into your website your website is going to become very slow and eventually it is going to crash. So before choosing any plan with any hosting provider please spend some money and get a virtual private server or a cloud hosting.

I am using a business hosting by go daddy which has 2 core and 4gb of ram plan. It is equal to the 2nd option of any cloud hosting offered by any other hosting. Though the plan says it can handle high traffic of word press website, it will eventually crash if I get a huge amount of traffic on my website. When one of my games becomes popular, my only option then will be to have a 4core and a minimum 8gb ram to stay in the running.