How to make the Share Market viable in the times of recession

How to make the Share Market viable in the times of recession

Is the falling stock market giving you sleepless nights?

Golden rules of investing

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Invest in a diverse range of stocks. Thorough research is vital. Adhere to your long terms goals. Don’t expect profits in a day. Remember that risk is always present so analyze thoroughly. Only make logical investments do not be swayed by emotions. If you have xxx amount of money to invest, do not invest all in one go. Look for a dividend paying stock. I would suggest that you open your trading account with your savings bank account. Their commission might be a little more, but it’s a lot more safer than opening with a  separate trading company.

Best Sector to invest in India is FMCG at any given time

1) Hindustan Unilever

2) Britannia

3) Dabur

4) ITC

5) Nestle

During the last recession this is the only sector that did well.

Banking is  another good sector to invest in

1) HDFC Bank

2) ICICI Bank
3) Bajaj Finserv and Bajaj Finance

4) State Bank of India


India is one of the world’s leading players in pharma.


2) Cipla

3) Sun pharma

These are some of the best pharma shares to buy and keep.

Information technology and service based sectors

TCS and Infosys are the best names in the information technology sector.

With the USD rate going up, these shares  will grow naturally.

Thanks to social distancing, there might be a surge in VR content. If these companies find a solution for VR content, they will grow even more.

Infra structure

L&T is the only name I can think off.

They recently got a contract to construct two highways in UP state. Get it as many more metros and highways need to be finished.

Solar Power or Energy Sector

TATA Power is a good company to invest, as the TATA group owned TATA Motors are heavily into electric vehicles. TATA Power is setting up many electric charging stations for the cars

Exide batteries is also a good buy now, as they are the battery manufacturers for electric cars.

Is this the right time to invest during a recession?

I think a recession is the ideal time to begin investing because asset prices often drop drastically.

You can pick up stocks for far less than you could just a few months earlier. This will also help your average price of a stock to come down. 

I am not a sebi registered person, this is a pure speculation. Invest at your own risk. check out this YouTube video: