Iron snout

Iron snout

Iron snout

Iron snout is a fun, skill based indie game available for PC-Steam, Android and Apple phones and tablets.

Iron snout

The main protagonist is a pig. The player plays as the pig against the evil protagonists – the wolfs. The player has the option of playing in two different themes/backgrounds: the city and the forest.

The main game play is to survive as long as possible without dying.

The wolves in the city are different from those in the forest. There are over 10 types of wolves, each equipped to fox you with an everyday item.They take the form of policeman with batons and barricades, fast moving wolves  on skate boards,  Pokemon ball armed wolves, lady wolves carrying a handbag, wolves in suit and a walking stick, wolves with football, wolves with an axe or a hammer, wolves in red riding hood outfit with basket and wolves coming to attack you on a giant pendulum.

The wolfs in the forest are all armed. two or one swords wolfs, wolf with an axe, wolfs in rocket, wolfs with a Pogo stick and sword, red riding hood wolf with a basket, wolfs with chain-saw and a biting angel wolf.

The game starts off with the pig in the center, semi unmovable- only available moves are the jump, left and right punches and kicks. Depending on the theme selected by the player different wolfs come from the left and the right.

The player has to defend himself against the wolfs, by attacking, jumping, kicking, collecting the wolfs items such as the swords, football, rockets, skateboards , Pokemon ball, Pogo stick swords,   hammer, policeman baton, basket,chain-saw and use them to defeat  the wolfs. There are hit combos shown in the game.

To start off the player has ten lives which is showcased in the top left hand corner of the game. A life is lost with each hit or touch from the wolves. When 10 lives are up  the game gets over.

For each wolf killed, the player gets a point which is featured on the top right hand corner of the game. At the end of the game, the number of points is shown and  players can see where they stand world wide and locally too.

Android game link: averaging 4.4 out of 5 out of 13,303 reviews.

Steam game link: 98% favor the game out of the 9724 reviews.

My verdict: fun, addictive, fast paced game worth playing.