Knockout Bowling VR

Knockout Bowling VR

I had always been an avid Steam player and after publishing 4 games for the mobile market, I decided it was time I ventured into Steam. The fact that I had just bought a htc vive also influenced my decision to dream big and make a VR game for steam.

But as it was my first VR game and I was still not familiar with the hows and whys of VR, I decided to port my earlier game called Knockout Bowling into VR. Of course the VR game would be on a much bigger scale, thanks to the VR format.

I wanted the game to be set in unique settings and different from all other bowling games. So I gave a choice of bowling pins or glass bottles to be bowled and the scenarios were different and never seen before in a bowling game.

Knockout Bowling VR

One level is set in a colorful village fair complete with hot air balloons, giant wheels, carousel, food carts and more, while the other takes place in a dingy tunnel with cobwebs and old crates. Future levels to come will be equally interesting and unique.

To make the game more interesting I decided to make each ball a different weight starting from 5kgs to 50 kgs, more heavier the ball, more force is needed to bowl it.

The current game is playable on htc vive and oculus devices. I will shortly be adding features for steam VR and windows mixed reality devices.

I decided to release the game for early access for the steam market. Mainly to get valuable feed back on the game from the steam community. I want players feed back on what levels they want to play in and what other game play features they want in the game. I would like to add local multiplayer levels for 2 players to play against each other also. I have decided to add three or more further levels to the game.

Checkout my game at Steam version: