Life is strange: before the storm things to expect.

Life is strange: before the storm things to expect

Life is strange: before the storm things to expect.

Life is strange: before the storm is the prequel of Life is Strange game.

Life is Strange: before the storm is one of the most anticipated games of 2017. The previous game won many gaming awards for its narration and it was a critical and commercial success.


The first game was developed by Dontond and published by Square Enix. This time it is developed by Deck Nine games and published by Square Enix. The game directors of the first game are working on a sequel based in another town. Hope the narration is as good as the first one.

This game takes place three years before the first game.

This time we will not be playing as Max, we get to play as Chloe. Chloe was the side kick of Max in the first game. One sad thing about Chloe is that the voice actor Ashly Burch who voiced her in the first game won’t reprise the role, she is just the consultant for this game. It is sad for me as I felt the voice actor changed the character completely and I was more attached to Ashly Burch’s voice.
Life is strange: before the storm things to expect

We will get to play as Max only in one episode, which is a bonus episode, only when you buy the deluxe edition of the game. I wanted to play as Max so I got it.

The trailer showcased a music score called Numbers by Daughter. I checked for the music video in YouTube the very next day, it had few hundred thousand views. Today it is almost 1 month since the game trailer had been released in E3 a gaming conference, the video in YouTube has more than 2 million views. Hope they have nice tracks like the first game.

This time there is no time travel, a major game play element in the first game. Players have to choose their decisions more carefully.

In the previous game Chloe’s major goal was to find her friend Rachel. Rachel was dead by the time Life is Strange game takes place.  Rachel is there in few scenes of the trailer.

 The characters who will return and have been confirmed so far are the drug dealer who was there in the 20 minute game play video. Hopefully Chloe’s mother is there, even her step father. I am expecting Mr Jefferson who supposedly killed Rachel with the help of Nathan to appear in the game.
In the first game Chloe had blueish colour hair, now in the trailer she has brown hair. We see a clip of Chloe father’s death in the trailer.

Looking forward to play the game.