Life is strange

Life is strange

Life is strange

Life is Strange is a single player game developed by Dontond games and published by Square Enix games. It is a five part series for Steam, PlayStation series, and x box.

I usually play non-story games like Age of Empires, Split second, Rocket league and cricket games. When I play games with a storyline, I usually play games that are a rip off from a movie like the Star Wars and Lord of Rings game adaptations. Life is Strange is the first story based game I played fully.

This particular game was a random buy for me in the steam sale (I bought it almost a year after the game was released). After seeing the overwhelmingly positive reviews in steam I started downloading and playing it.
Life is strange
The main characters in this game are young teenage females, so I thought the game would be about girlish teenage life. When I started playing this game, I was taken by surprise, by the way, the creators of this game narrated the story.

This game has won many awards for its narration. The creators made the story realistic, sad and showcased the bitchy side of teenage girls. You get the feeling that you are watching a mini TV series or a movie.

This game is a decision-based game and throughout the game, you are given options of choosing in order to procced further in the game. For each decision you make there is a consequence which will affect you later on in the game. So the player should carefully choose the decisions and at each episode end, it shows how many people took what decisions.

To make it more interesting the makers have added an option of time travel which the player can use to reverse and correct mistakes. This is a unique option and I wish there are more games with this option.

Few other reasons for me to like this game are that I love taking photos and the main character of this game called Max Caulfield is a photography student in Blackwell Academy.

You have to lookout for photo opportunities in the game to take photos. In steam, for each episode, there were 10 photo opportunities, once you finish taking them you earn an achievement. Life is Strange is the only game where I have gotten a perfect game (achievement) in steam.
I love listening to music and the sound track of this game is extremely good. The game directors have used the soundtracks/background score well in the story. The background music/ soundtracks made the game more realistic and sad.

For the first time, I saw a huge fan base of both the sex for a female based game other than Tomb Raider.

The animation – the lip sync and the voice overs didn’t match well in the first few episodes. In the fourth and fifth episode, it had gotten better. In spite of the bad animation for the characters the game was critically acclaimed and a commercial success.

The ending of the game was sad but predictable during the course of the game. I wish there were more games like this with a good story. Hoping to have a great time playing the prequel and the sequel of the game.

I rate it 4 out 5 in spite of the bad animation in the first few episodes.