Life is strange before the storm episode 1 review

Life is strange before the storm episode 1 review

Life is strange before the storm episode 1 review

Life is strange before the storm episode 1 review

Life is Strange before the storm episode 1 is a prequel to the game Life is Strange. The first game was a critical hit and a firm favourite of mine. I was eagerly awaiting the launch of this game but it was a major let-down.

Of course, we know how the first game ends and the events that happen in them. The first episode was kind of a drag. A major part of the episode was centred around  Rachel and Chloe’s day out after bunking school.  It was the slowest episodes of all the episodes that I have played in this series.

The songs aren’t as good as the first game. The first game songs added a touch of emotions to the game. The music didn’t move me as much in this episode.

Life is strange before the storm episode 1 review

There aren’t many achievements like in the first game. In the first game the players had to take photo ops to earn an achievement here we need to find spots to do graffiti. The creators have given the players two graffiti to choose from in every particular spot.

There was no time reversing game play element like in the first game. The game play also didn’t measure up to the first game. You just have to click on the options to move forward in this game.

In this first episode, we saw Max and Chloe share a kiss more than once, the day out between Chloe and Rachel was dragging so much that I would have even welcomed them sharing a kiss.

The voice over of Chloe was a different person from the first game, it was kind of weird playing Chloe with the changed voice. As the episode progressed I started to get used to it.

Quite a few of the major characters in the game return. Jefferson who was the villain in the first game and who killed Rachel wasn’t there in this particular episode.  Rachel sees her father (district attorney) having an affair, I feel she will confront her father and he will be the cause to bring Jefferson to Blackwell academy.

The graphics in this particular game was far better from the first game.

The animations were also a major improvement in this game.

In a few places in the game, there wasn’t any sound though the subtitles (Chloe’s thoughts) came and the characters moved their lips.

I think this episode deserves only 2.5 out of 5 stars.