Life is strange before the storm episode 2 & 3 review:


Life is strange before the storm episode 2 & 3 review:

This blog may contain spoilers if you hadn’t played the game. Feel free to leave if you don’t want to continue with the blog.
Life is strange episode 2 was faster paced than episode 1. I felt it was a lot quicker and better conceived.
There were a lot of bugs in the 2nd episode. The voiceover and the subtitles didn’t match throughout and the characters didn’t even finish the word or even the sentences.

The two highlights in this particular episode were when Rachel and Chloe share a passionate kiss after the school play and the ending were we find out who Rachel’s mother really was. We now know that she was the one who Rachel saw kissing her father during her day out with Chloe. For me the songs/background score were a major improvement from the first episode.

Episode 3 was extremely short. The voiceover bug was removed by the developers in episode 3. I felt that the directors did not know how to end this particular episode.
This episode was mainly about Rachel’s mother. At the beginning of this episode the father portrays the mother as the villain as she was the one who had broken up the family due to her drug addiction. He had been sending her money monthly. Her father tells Rachel that all these years she preferred money over seeing her daughter. The kiss in the park was the last time he saw her.
Rachel wanted to know more about her mother, she and Chloe try to seek her out. Rachel gets stabbed on her arm during this mission. She asks Chloe to continue on the journey to find out her mother. Chloe finds out that it was Rachel’s father who didn’t want Rachel to see her mother and he had tried to kill her mother. On this journey Chloe starts to dye her blue hair.

Rachel’s mother asks Chloe to not to tell Rachel the truth about her dad. The final decision in this game was either to tell Rachel the truth about her father or hide it. I took the option of hiding it.
In the sequel, Warren Graham played a helping hand to max and he was the male interest for her. In this episode they have shown Eliot taking on the same role for Chloe.

At the last sequence they show Chloe’s mother getting engaged. Chloe and Rachel are having fun. Chloe has dyed her full hair blue. Please don’t hit the escape button when the end credits come. From the time the trailer of this game was released I wanted to see how Rachel gets killed by Jefferson. At the end of the credits Jefferson is shooting pictures. They don’t show it fully.
Overall I give 2 out of 5 for Rachel’s and Chloe’s 3 part story. The first game was a masterpiece compared to this game.
Can’t wait for the bonus episode of Max and Chloe for one last time.