Once upon a time season 7

Once upon a time season 7

Once upon a time season 7 

Once upon a time TV series was good up to season 4 and 5, they kind of stretched it into season 6. I personally felt the show creators should have stopped with this as they did with the Lost TV series.

The spinoff series with Alice in Wonderland was a big let-down with it lasting for only one season.

Season 7 is releasing October on 6th 2017, with most of the major cast not returning full time. They will either be mentioned or just do a cameo in this season.

Season 6 finale showed the happy endings for the major characters. Then suddenly the show goes forward in time and in the end of the show they show Henry’s (who is played by an older actor) daughter reading the book which he wrote, while on her way to meet her father in Seattle. She meets him (like the first season, like Henry meets his mother) and he doesn’t recognises her and forgets all about Story book. They are at Seattle due to a curse. We don’t know much about this curse and why they are there.

The seventh season is a kind of reboot of the series and I wonder how they will make a full-fledged show out of it.

Only Regina the evil queen, Mr Gold – Rumplestinskin and Captain Hook from the major cast are returning back for the full season.

In the new trailer and two minute footage of the show, they show Hook dressed up as a policeman. He and Emma Swan were married in one of the last episodes of season 6. Emma Swan will return only for one or two episodes in this season due to personal reasons. I wonder how Hook’s storyline will move forward? How will he live without his wife Emma Swan? Has he taken up the profession of a policeman in his wife’s memory?

Rumpelstiltskin will return without his partner Belle (beauty and the beast couple). His appearance looks different in this season. Belle will return for only one episode- episode 4.

Regina’s appearance is also changed in this season. In the trailer she is shown before a bar. Has she become a bartender? From queen to a bartender?

Have all of them forgotten their past due to a new curse?

I wonder how this season will progress without the main characters. I personally don’t want to see a another season of Once Upon a Time.