Power of a tweet

Power of a tweet

Power of a tweet

Basics of Twitter:

Twitter is a social networking site that depends on micro-blogging for communication. By typing messages less than 140 characters, users can communicate with their followers and get their views circulated. Twitter is one of the most popular social media micro-blogging websites.

It is not like facebook where you need to be a friend to see somebody’s tweet. In Twitter, you just have to follow them. It is up to them to follow you back.

For every tweet, there is a retweet button where someone else can retweet to his or her followers. There is also a like button for someone to like the tweet, comment button is also there for commenting on the tweet.

In Twitter, you need to have a proper bio. It is what people see first about you.

Things to know about Twitter:

In Twitter, you can create a profile for a brand or a product. In Facebook, you should create a separate page for it. Here it is just like creating a profile for yourself.

Power of a tweet

There is a button which looks like a few bars in the lower left-hand side of the tweet, in this button you can see how your tweet is performing.

Things that you can see when you click on this are:

  • Impressions: Impressions are the number of times a tweet is seen. A person can see the same tweet more than once.
  • Total engagements: Number of Retweets, detail expands of the tweet, profile clicks, link clicks, likes, hashtag clicks and replies. With these, you can see how your tweet has performed.
  • Promotion: You can also promote your tweet from here. If promoted, the total number for each bar will be in yellow and organic. If your followers have seen it naturally without promoting it will be in blue.

A retweet is a button in a tweet through which one of your followers or an unknown person can share your tweet to their followers. It increases the impressions and visibility of your tweet.

There is an option of linking of your twitter with Facebook and all your tweets will be shared with your friends on Facebook. I recommend you don’t use this feature. People engage differently on Facebook and in twitter even if they are the same follower or friend.

Sharing of Instagram or YouTube video from their respective channel to twitter is different. I recommend you to do this. It will boost your likes and followers in Instagram and views and subscribers in your YouTube channel.

Usage of pictures or gifs or videos in a tweet increases/improves a tweet visibility.

I recommend that one should tweet up to 3-5 times maximum in a particular day as prescribed by social media experts.

You can conduct polls through your tweets. A person can use this to compare two products by asking his/her followers opinions.

Usage of hashtags in a tweet and trending topics in twitter: 

Hashtags are an important part of digital marketing. It is not only limited to Twitter, it is there on other social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. As far I remember twitter was the first to introduce it. Hashtags determine how well a tweet is performing.

Many companies use it to see how well their campaigns are performing. It is easier to determine how a tweet is doing with a hashtag than a tweet without a hashtag.

The trending hashtags topics are found on the left-hand side of Twitter. It entirely depends on the area where you are located.

People tend to respond more to hashtags tweets.

With the help of hashtags, we can see all the posts of a particular topic.

Analytics in twitter:

This is under the profile picture in the top right-hand corner.

First, there is a 28 days summary where you can see no of tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions and followers change over the previous 28 days.

After this you can see who your top follower is for the month, top tweet for the month, top mentions, new followers and so forth, going back until the month of the creation of the profile.

Twitter verified:

Twitter and then Instagram are the two social media websites most used by celebrities.

There are a lot more actors, actress, models, music artists, CEOs, politicians, corporates and more in twitter than any other social media platform. If they are Twitter verified there is a blue tick mark next to their name. It means it is their official twitter handle.

These celebrities either use their own twitter handle or they are managed by a team.

For an ordinary person to get his/her twitter verified, there are few parameters and Twitter will let you know in a few days whether you are eligible or not. In order to get your profile verified, you need to have a proper profile picture, a header photo, proper bio description. You need to have a minimum of two websites about yourself and a maximum of five. These should have details about who you are and what have you accomplished.

People and companies with the ticked mark are more likely to be followed on twitter. They can influence views more than a normal person whose profile is not verified.

As I stated in my earlier blog about digital marketing, a big Bollywood star got about 600,000 Indian rupees for a single tweet. Though the client paid a huge amount for a tweet it would create more impact than a paid campaign in any other form of digital marketing.

Marketing your Ads in twitter:

All the campaigns are in US dollars irrespective of the country you are in. You can choose from one of the following options given below.

      • Awareness: You want many people to see your tweet. These types of campaigns are used by companies to make awareness of their product or a sale or discount. It just shows the tweet and not to interact with it. I personally won’t use this type of campaign.
      • Followers: you want to build an engaged audience to amplify your message, on and off twitter. This feature should be taken only by a company or a celebrity or a person who has lots of money and is new to twitter. It is one of the most expensive campaigns in twitter. I would recommend that you get your followers organically rather than paying them to follow you because I have seen people unfollowing a person after following them. You should keep your followers always engaged so that they don’t unfollow you.

      • Promoted video views: You want more people to see your gifs, vines, or videos. I wonder why this option is even there on twitter. There is no option of promoting a YouTube video in this to increase the number of views in your channel. My personal opinion is not to take up this option or suggest it to a client.
      • Website clicks or conversions: you want people to visit and take action on your website (e.g. download a paper or make a purchase). This is a good campaign tool by Twitter where you can promote your website via tweet or make a person to purchase a product during a festival or offer via the tweet. This is similar to awareness campaign but here you are making a person to click on your tweet.
      • Tweet engagements: you want to maximize engagement of your tweets and get more people talking about your business. This is my favorite type of campaign in twitter and it is the best type of campaign there is. Here it is similar to awareness campaign but people tend to engage with your tweet, by retweeting it or liking it. If they retweet to their followers it would benefit your campaign greatly.

    • App installs or re-engagements: get more app installs and re-engagements. This tool is similar to the one in AdWords. As the title suggests, it is to get more app installs or engage in-app purchases. If I have a game or an app to promote for android and IOS, I would use AdWords rather than this. Mainly because of the huge networks connected to Google and the many websites affiliated to AdSense where I can promote my game.

    After choosing your type of campaign, you can setup the budget of your ads and the number of days the campaign should run. Here you can choose your audience based on what they like, what country they are from, what sex they are and what celebrity they follow in twitter to reach the maximum potential for your campaign with the power of Twitter.