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Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the finest games that combines two genres, sports and racing, made in unreal engine 3.

At first the game play featured only foot ball matches with interesting racing cars. The matches took place in many different, colourful and vibrant stadiums. To make the game more exciting there are many boost centres in the stadiums. When the player goes over a boost centre, they get 12 boosts, ending with a maximum of 100 boosts. With these boosts, the player can race the car faster and if there is a enemy car obstructing the way the enemy car gets destroyed.

Later on the developers diversified into ice hockey, basketball (hoops, where the player has to put the ball in the opponent’s side of the hoops). These came free in later stages.

The player has a chance to choose the number of team mates and enemies team. For example, the player could play against 1 opponent or 2 or 3 or up to a maximum of 4 at rookie, pro or all-star modes.

In the online mode, the player can play either the blue or the orange team at different servers available world over. The player can also play in exhibition mode, or the season mode where the player can choose the number of teams and must compete with them to win the season. A normal match is about 5 minutes. In the exhibition mode, the player can change the time of the game, can change the size of the ball, and keep the boost power at always 100 besides other interesting features.

There are a lot of dlcs being released for Rocket League which has to be bought for money, like the bat-mobile car, hot wheels cars, back to the future movie car and many more cars, unlike the game modes which were made available free by the developers,

Out of all the cars available my personal favourites are the bat-mobile and the back to the future car.

Rocket League is a single player, local co-op and multiplayer game which is available for steam, ps4 available from July 7th 2015 and x box one from February 17 2016.

I recommend this game for racing and football enthusiasts. Rocket league is best played with a controller irrespective of being on a PC.

My rating for Rocket league is 4 out of 5.