YouTube as a promotional tool.

YouTube as a promotional tool.

YouTube as a promotional tool.

YouTube, which is a part of the Google network, is a social and content-media site, where anyone anywhere in the world can create their own channel and upload their own videos for others to view.

There are different channels across the world which appear on YouTube. Some are music driven channels of well-known music publishing companies like Sony music and t-series in India.

Some form part of news channels which show news content and some belong to movie studios which shows trailers or sneak peeks into forthcoming movies.

Some are managed by people who give their opinions on different topics by way of product reviews, game reviews, movie and TV series reviews and speculations on future content and so on.

These people can be influencers. It is more cost effective to utilize them to market your product than to promote a product via any other digital channel.

In a way, video blogging is a lot cheaper than creating a blogging website because creating a YouTube channel is free. All you need is a camera and a fast net connection.

One can subscribe to his/her favorite channel to watch their latest or future upcoming videos.

Every Gmail account can have up to 50 channels.

But I recommend that you have only 1 channel, it is easier to manage and easier to link with AdSense.

Every channel requires an AdSense account. You need to start an AdSense account if you haven’t. It is simple and it is a part of the Google network. Sign up and link both your YouTube and AdSense.

Can these channels make money?

Yes, these channels can make money. First, you need to upload a video. Without any content in your channel, you cannot start making money.

Before it finishes uploading into your channel you have to press the monetization button for the ads to appear through which you can earn money.

In the past few months, YouTube has changed its policy regarding monetization. A channel has to get a minimum of 10,000 views and has to get reviewed and approved for it to be eligible for monetization.

Since I have already gotten 10,000 views for my candy treasures game trailer before this new rule came into force my channel is monetised.

Once it is monetized there will be an ad running before the start of your video.

People or channel who has more than 1000 subscribers can charge for their videos. I suggest you don’t use it, unless you run a movie studio and you are selling your movies in that particular channel.  These Channels can also have ads in between videos.

There is a live option, where content creators or influencers or bloggers, can make live videos with a few software and link it with their YouTube channel and chat with their subscribers or followers.

Just a few days back I was watching a big YouTube gamer playing live. During his interaction I saw another option where people can take a special subscription or fund a channel per month, this feature is available after you have 1000 subscribers. Whoever funds these channels can get special features that normal subscribers do not get.

What should your channel be all about?

I have watched videos of different genres in so many channels.

Each channel had concentrated on one specialty, like some channels were only about Game of Thrones and they did videos only on Game of Thrones.

Suppose a fanfiction channel of Game of Thrones only makes videos of Game of Thrones theories, what will the content creator do after game of thrones finishes?

My suggestion would be to make videos on different topics and not concentrate on one particular topic.

Let these videos be short or long, as long as they are entertaining to the end viewer.

There are different types of ads in YouTube.

One can promote a video as an ad on YouTube.

  • One option is to login into AdWords and promotes the ad in the video campaign option.
  • In YouTube, you can go into creator’s studio, go to video manager and for each video there is a drop-down menu next to edit menu, click on promote.
  • Go to YouTube/advertising and promote the video.

All these options need an AdWords account to promote a video.

My suggestion is to use the 2nd option mentioned above as it is easier to operate.

As after 6 seconds a user can skip the ad shown to see the video, I suggest you capture your audience within in that first few moments.

As far as I know, if you are doing a video campaign you will be charged only after a person sees 15 seconds of the ad and you need to have a YouTube video uploaded in order to promote it.

Few things need to be noted for increasing views in your channel:

  • At the end, screen adds elements like one of your other videos which you want to boost or ask them to subscribe to your channel. This will boost your channel views and subscribers.
  • Your video quality should be great. Sound in your video should be really good and audible.
  • Don’t make a short video, make longer videos so that your channel video watch time increases.
  • Watch your competitors, see what they are doing and try to better them.
  • Always try to increase the views of your videos by promoting it in AdWords or in social media marketing.

There are few factors that play in google algorithm for YouTube to recommend your videos. They are Quality of your videos, longer description of your videos in your channel, comments from viewers in your videos, likes and dislikes of your videos all make an impact on Google algorithm.

Nowadays people are watching more videos of vloggers than reading blogs.

Since I am an AdWords video certified partner by Google partners, if you need any help in marketing your videos in YouTube please feel to contact me.