Games have always been my passion, and I was thrilled to make my passion into my profession. Towards this end I did my graduation in game designing from the University of Wales and followed it up with professional diplomas from Aiga in game programming and in modelling specialization from Maac.

Professionally, I have made and published a game for little girls titled ‘candy treasures’ in collaboration with tutotoons, a UK based gaming company which specializes in kid’s gaming. They have more than 100 published games. I have game designed and published Puppet Pals for android and ios.

My area of interest in game design is action and racing. I would love to create a fast paced racing game on the lines of Split Second. I have lots of ideas for new games and am looking for collaborators who can do the art.

My preferred genre to play is strategy, Some of my all-time favorites are Age of empires 2, Age of mythology, Age of empires 3, Split second, Rocket League, Shadow of Mordor, Over cooked, Iron snout and Life is strange. I constantly play Call of duty series for their multiplayer game mode. My favorites are Black ops 1, Black ops 2, Modern war fare and World at war.


Another hobby I actively pursue is photography. To hone my photography skills, I have been shooting and cataloging still photos for a furniture showroom called Oriental Heirlooms in Bangalore.

I have created my own YouTube channel:

where I have showcased some samples of my game design portfolio. In the near future, I would like to review some of the games I play, do video blogs on the places that I have traveled to and do video blogs on digital marketing. I will be live streaming some of the games that I play.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

My favorite platform to play is PC-Steam and I have a huge game collection in my steam library. If anyone wants to play with me on steam please feel free to add me up, steam id: Navin 72.

I have started my own digital marketing and mobile gaming company If anyone is interested in availing my services in digital marketing or want to collaborate with me on games, please feel free to contact me.