Digital marketing services:

We offer a whole gamut of end-to-end services to meet all your digital marketing requirements with efficiency and affordability. The company offers extensive organic and paid digital marketing services on the following platforms.

AdWords/Google ads:

Strategies for your display ads to appear on the Adsense approved websites and in Google network, Universal app campaign strategies for your android and ios mobile apps, Video marketing strategies for your YouTube videos.

Seo(search engine optimization):

Online optimization of your websites through processes like keyword research and competitor analyses. Offline optimization through processes like link building- local listing, backlinks and social bookmarking of your websites. Seo optimization of your YouTube channel videos.

Social media marketing:

Paid marketing on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Organic social media marketing like building your social media profiles, targeting groups on Facebook, targeting local influencers to give your business the maximum potential. Handling of your social media profiles.

LinkedIn marketing:

Strategy for business to business companies to market their products/services on LinkedIn.

Content writing/influencer marketing:

A minimum 300-word blog on my website on a topic of interest to you with voice-over video on my YouTube channel to be shared on my social media profiles.

for any queries for digital marketing please write to me at .

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Video Games:

I am making a number of games for the mobile android and ios market and for the pc- steam market. If you want to collaborate on these ventures, please get in touch with me. for any queries or want to collaborate with me for games write to me at

Digital photography:

Product photography is my forte and I have an extensive portfolio comprising furniture and artifacts shots for a furniture store called Oriental Heirlooms. I will edit the photographs in Photoshop as well. If you need my photography services, write to me at