Disneyland studios

Disneyland studios

After a continental breakfast we left to Disneyland studios by 9:30.

We entered through studio1 where they sold merchandise, food and many other things guaranteed to delight kids and even their parents. For instance at one counter you could get very artistic makeup done on your face, of course on Disney themes.

After a quick look around, we crossed over to the open areas. I checked out the options available and their timings at the information counter. While I was at the counter my mother pulled me to watch an open-air show with a lot of crowd standing around. She thought it was a music concert but it was actually a live Avenger show with a comic twist. Thor, Loki, black widow and spider man were performing, dancing and generally fooling around. Iron man was giving the voiceover. We stayed about 5 minutes and left for the ratatouille ride. On the way we saw that the cars ride was closed, mickeys magic show was in 30 minutes waiting time and the crush coaster (finding nemo theme) looked scary to me, I thought it would be underwater and I didn’t want to go alone.

Ratatouille movie was one of my father’s favorite animation movies so we went there first. The ride was similar to the transformers ride in universal studios, Singapore. My family and I went in one car, you need to wear 3d glasses on this ride. The rides view/the story was from a rat’s point of view. It was a good, fun ride. Once you are finished with the ride you come out to a French themed restaurant with the aroma of food making you hungry.  

Next, we opted for the studio tram tour: behind the magic. The queue was a bit long. We got in only in the 5th or 6th tram.

You’ll see full-scale movie sets and props including a number of cars used in famous movies like Cruella Deville’s car and many more. But what I liked best was the Catastrophe Canyon that spectacularly showed water, fire and an earthquake in almost life like action.

You must go on this ride to see how live action films are made. There are two actors giving live commentary during this tour one was a French actress and the other was an English-speaking actor.

Disneyland studios

After this we went to the hotel twilight zone tower of terror, I knew what it was and how high and scary it was. I pushed my father and mother into this ride without saying a word. First you enter the hotel. They have designed it well with even spider webs for an eerie feel. Unfortunately, we were pushed into the first row of the chair lift.  When the lift went up for the first few floors, they showed spooky things and it was going slowly and everybody was relaxed. Suddenly the lift zooms up to the top in great speed and immediately drops you down at high speed and you feel you’re flying in the dark. They do this a number of times and the scary thing is that they open the windows now and then during the ride so we could see the entire Disney studios below us. It would have been a better ride if the people at the back weren’t screaming so much. Good fun to laugh about afterwards.  

After this we ate our lunch at studio 1 for 45 euros. we got one salad with a chicken burger, one Fanta, one cheese burger, one French fries and one magnum ice-cream. This lunch was better than the previous day’s lunch. But we had to wait 15 minutes to order and wait for the food as there was a big queue.

After lunch, we took the shuttle back to the hotel for some time and came back to see Mickey Mouse magic show.

It was an ok show, as mickeys lines were in French while the others were in English.

After wandering around a little more and taking some photographs and shopping, we slowly started to walk out to the exit. If you are coming from Disneyland or Disney studios you will have to go through Disney village. So I decided to spend some time in the Disney village. Here in the village, there are a lot of eateries like planet Hollywood. It had a few Disney themed shops as well.

Here we shopped for some time. As all the restaurant were full, we decided to go back to the hotel and try the dinner buffet which was priced at 29 euros per person. Want to know more about the buffet? check out my other blog on Disney land Paris.