LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and Redditt – my views: 

LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and Redditt - my views

I haven’t really used LinkedIn as a tool for paid promotions, because it’s mainly used for business to business category. Though digital marketing comes under business to business category. I just use it to connect with new people and post my blog links and my game links. I have done only one paid campaign on LinkedIn and I have found it very costly. I have spent around 2500 Inr and have gotten 30 clicks for the campaign and no conversions for that campaign. For that cost Facebook and google ads I would have gotten a greater number of visitors.

LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and Redditt - my views

 It is not like Facebook or Instagram or twitter where you can directly message someone. Here on LinkedIn, you need to be a connection. If you aren’t a connection you need to purchase one of the few plans in LinkedIn which ever suits you and message them without connecting with them. 

Pinterest is a photo sharing website, it is a great place to get visitors to your website and that too from female audience.  Each photo you upload it is called a pin and you can promote each pin. That option of promoting a pin isn’t there in India. I wonder why they haven’t done it for India.  I just use it for getting visitors. So, I really can’t talk about promoting on Pinterest.

Quora is a platform where you can answer questions or you can ask questions. Again, they have a platform for promoting a service or boost an answer I recently found out that from a digital marketing group in Facebook which I am actively part of. I really didn’t find a use to promote my digital marketing services in Quora. I would like to check out the post promotion to see if it leads to any downloads for my games.

Reddit is a social media platform that I have really never understood. I just go there and upload each blog that I have written. Only thing that I have understood on Redditt is up vote or downvote of each post.

I just use the above sites to get organic and free traffic.